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Privacy Policy

Last Updated: 10/02/2023

At Quantum AI, we hold the security of your personal information in the highest regard, ensuring your privacy remains intact.

Our Privacy Policy elucidates how we manage, gather, store, and utilize the data you entrust with us when interacting with our website (hereinafter referred to as the “Website”).

Our commitment to you is built on these core tenets:

Transparent Approach to Your Personal Data:

Our objective is to provide you with comprehensive knowledge, enabling you to make well-informed choices regarding your personal data. We endeavor to offer clear and concise details about how we handle your data.

If there arises a necessity to communicate specific details, you can trust that we will convey them at the most opportune moment.

For any questions or further clarity, we are available to guide within legal bounds. Connect with us at [email protected].

Utilizing Your Personal Data in Accordance with this Policy:

We might process your personal data for various purposes, such as facilitating your access to our Website, refining the user experience, advancing our services (including the Website), upholding our rights and interests, executing essential business and administrative functions, adhering to legal and/or regulatory mandates, and tailoring our offerings to your unique tastes and needs.

Unwavering Commitment to Your Data Rights:

We pledge to ensure you have complete access to your data rights. Whenever you wish to inspect your personal data, seek modifications, deletion, curtail its use for particular objectives, or transfer it to a third party or yourself, we are here to assist. Rest assured, we operate in full alignment with the prevailing laws.

Ensuring the Safety of Your Personal Data:

Though absolute security can never be promised, we want you to know that we deploy a comprehensive set of techniques and precautions to protect your data.

Our Comprehensive Privacy Policy

  1. Scope of the Policy:
    This Policy outlines the various forms of personal data we gather from individuals and explains how we obtain, utilize, disseminate, safeguard, and handle such data, among other practices.
    Within this policy, “Personal Data” refers to any piece of information associated with a discernible individual. Such an individual is one who can be recognized either directly or when combined with other data we hold or might obtain.The term “processing” in this context encompasses any operation conducted on personal data, be it its acquisition, documentation, arrangement, preservation, alteration, access, application, disclosure, synchronization, limitation, deletion, or annihilation.We explicitly emphasize that our services aren’t aimed at minors under 18. We neither intentionally amass data from nor grant access to our services to individuals below this threshold. Should we ascertain that we have inadvertently collected data from a minor, we commit to expeditiously deleting it.
  2. How and When Do We Obtain Personal Data?
    Your personal data comes into our possession when you engage with our Services, traverse our Website, employ our service channels, or initiate contact with us. At times, you proactively confer this data upon us, while at other times, we accrue it by observing your engagements with our Services and related avenues.
  3. Elective Sharing of Personal Data and Its Consequences
    Although you are never compelled to provide your personal data, opting not to may limit our ability to offer our Services, impede your interaction with our Website, or reduce the efficiency and functionality of both our Services and Website.
  4. What Kind of Personal Data Do We Gather From You?
    During your interactions with our Website, we amass various data points. This includes online activity logs, traffic-related data (like IP addresses, entry and exit timestamps, pages browsed, language preferences, software disruption reports, and the browser types employed). It’s worth noting that some of this information might not pinpoint you directly and, as such, doesn’t always fall under the banner of Personal Data. Furthermore, when you reach out to us, any personal data you choose to share is also compiled. Additionally, we gather specific personal data which you intentionally furnish for sharing with third-party entities, encompassing details such as your name and email address.
  5. Justification and Legal Foundations for Processing Personal Data Our firm processes your Personal Data for specified purposes, ensuring strict compliance with the relevant legal principles.Your Personal Data undergoes processing solely when supported by a legitimate legal basis. The legal pillars underpinning our processing of your Personal Data are as follows:– When you have clearly given your assent to the processing of your Personal Data for one or more delineated objectives. This pertains to cases where you proactively offer your data through the Website, intending for us to relay it to third parties.
    – When processing is driven by the valid interests upheld by our Company or an external party. Such scenarios might involve refining our Services or managing or upholding legal rights.
    – When processing is imperative to fulfill a statutory obligation to which the Company is beholden.

    For an understanding of our decision-making processes or to determine if we process your Personal Data based on our or a third party’s legitimate interests, feel free to reach out to us at [email protected]

    Below is an elucidation of the specific reasons we might process your Personal Data and their corresponding legal justifications:

    | # | Reason | Legal Ground |
    | 1 | To relay your details to third parties at your behest | Your direct permission |
    | 2 | To respond to your queries, submissions, or grievances | Valid interests upheld by our Company or an external entity |
    | 3 | To adhere to statutory mandates or legal/administrative directives | Legal compulsion |
    | 4 | To enhance our Services | Valid interests upheld by our Company or an external entity |
    | 5 | To deter deceptive or improper utilization of our Services | Valid interests upheld by our Company or an external entity |
    | 6 | To oversee and support diverse activities integral to our Services | Valid interests upheld by our Company or an external entity |
    | 7 | For analytical tasks, encompassing statistical assessments | Valid interests upheld by our Company or an external entity |
    | 8 | To guard the rights, assets, and interests of ours and third parties | Valid interests upheld by our Company or an external entity |

  6. Disclosing Personal Data to External Entities We might relay your Personal Data to third-party collaborators, encompassing cloud storage providers, hosting companies, IP data evaluators, as well as entities involved in user research, analytics, technical troubleshooting, and diagnostic services.At your behest, specific Personal Data might be transferred to third-party Bitcoin trading platforms. When shared, your data falls under the jurisdiction of their individual privacy norms.Moreover, for the purpose of improving and evolving our products and services, your Personal Data might be exchanged amongst our network of affiliates and strategic partners.

    Where necessary, we might share your Personal Data with official agencies, local administrative bodies, and regulatory institutions. This also extends to scenarios where we need to safeguard our and third-party interests and rights, including the launch, assertion, or defense against legal actions.

    In the broader business context, prospective stakeholders, investors, or financiers of our Company or any associated entity might gain access to your Personal Data during pivotal transitions like acquisitions, asset sales, mergers, organizational shifts, consolidations, or in the unfortunate event of our company or any affiliated entity undergoing insolvency procedures.

  7. Cookie Usage and External Service Providers Our platform integrates services from third parties, which may include analytics providers or advertising agencies. These entities might deploy cookies or related tracking technologies, and their actions are dictated by their individual policies. Cookies are diminutive text fragments that are stored on your device upon accessing our Website. Their primary function is to accumulate data about your activities and tendencies, which aids in enhancing your user experience, recollecting your preferences, tailoring services, and generating analytical insights.Among the cookies we use, some are session-specific, expiring once you shut down your browser, while others are persistent, remaining on your device even after your browsing session ends. These persistent cookies facilitate our Website in recognizing you when you return.

    The cookies we deploy are categorized as:

    | Cookie Category | Utility |
    | – | – |
    | Essential Cookies | Crucial for site navigation and accessing specific features |
    | Preference Cookies | Recall your settings and preferences during subsequent visits |
    | Analytical Cookies | Offer consolidated data, aiding in performance optimization and testing |

    It’s essential to acknowledge that you retain the ability to modify your browser configurations to restrict or eliminate cookies. Yet, such alterations might impede certain features and capabilities of our Website.

    On the topic of online tracking: Currently, our platform does not accommodate Do-Not-Track requests.

  8. Holding onto Personal Data We keep your Personal Data for the timeframe essential to accomplish the objectives detailed in this Policy, extending this duration only if mandated by relevant laws, guidelines, or protocols.Periodically, we assess the Personal Data under our care to determine its continued relevance, taking steps to remove any data that has outlived its purpose.
  9. Transfer of Personal Data Across Borders or to Global BodiesYour Personal Data might be relayed to countries beyond your residence or to global organizations. When this happens, we take meticulous steps to implement proper safeguards that protect your Personal Data, guaranteeing enforceable rights for data subjects and accessible legal recourses.For individuals within the European Economic Area (EEA), these safeguards come into play under the following conditions:– The third country or international body has received a nod from the EU Commission for upholding satisfactory data protection standards.
    – The data transfer operates under legally-binding commitments between public entities or institutions.
    – The data relocation aligns with standardized protection clauses ratified by the EU Commission.

    For insights into the protective measures we deploy for such data movements, feel free to contact us at: [email protected].

  10. Safeguarding Your Personal Data We employ a combination of technical and systematic strategies to provide an appropriate protection level for your Personal Data, especially bearing in mind the vulnerabilities associated with its processing. There may be instances, due to specific legal mandates or other unavoidable circumstances, where we need to pass on Personal Data to entities like public bodies. During such situations, our influence over how these third parties secure your data is limited.It’s essential to note that while we endeavor to protect your data, the nature of internet transfers is such that they can’t be guaranteed to be entirely secure. As such, the security of Personal Data relayed to us online cannot be absolutely assured by the Company.
  11. Links to External Websites
    Our Website might feature links leading to websites or applications managed by third parties. Please note that we don’t have authority over these external platforms and cannot monitor their data collection or processing practices. The Company isn’t accountable for the conduct or protocols of these external entities, which includes their privacy and data safeguarding strategies. The provisions of our Policy don’t cover activities on these third-party platforms.We strongly recommend that you carefully peruse the privacy guidelines of these third-party platforms before interacting with them or sharing any of your Personal Data.
  12. Policy Updates
    From time to time, we might make changes to this Policy. Whenever updates occur, we’ll ensure to post the modified Policy on our Website. For significant alterations, we’ll proactively reach out using suitable communication channels, and we’ll also display an announcement on our Website. The updated terms take effect as soon as they are published on our site.
  13. Your Rights Concerning Data Protection
    You generally possess the right to know if we gather Personal Data about you, to review this information, to seek necessary corrections, and to ask for the removal of data we no longer require. You’re also entitled to limit or adjust your consent to specific data-related activities.For individuals in the EEA, the following specifics apply:To exercise any of the rights detailed below related to your Personal Data, please reach out to us at: [email protected] to Access:
    You have the right to ask whether we’re managing Personal Data concerning you. If we are, you can access that data and gather supplementary details about our processing objectives, the types of data, the recipients, and how long we intend to keep it. If we didn’t obtain the data directly from you, you have the right to ask for its origin. If the data undergoes transfers outside the EEA, you can inquire about the protective measures we’ve implemented.

    Upon request, we will offer a digital copy of the processed data, though additional requests might incur a fee. If you prefer another electronic format, please specify.

    Right to Correct:
    If there are inaccuracies in your Personal Data, you can ask for corrections or for us to complete any incomplete information, keeping the processing purpose in mind.

    Right to Delete:
    Under specific situations, you can ask for your Personal Data to be deleted. This right is not absolute and doesn’t apply if we need to retain the data for legal obligations or defending legal claims.

    Right to Limit Processing:
    In certain conditions, you may request a pause or limitation on your data processing.

    Right to Data Portability:
    You can ask for your Personal Data in an accessible, widely-used, and electronic format. If specific criteria are met, you can also transfer this data to a different entity.

    Right to Object:
    You’re entitled to object to us processing your Personal Data for reasons related to our or a third party’s legitimate interests. You can also oppose if we use it for direct marketing.

    Right to Withdraw Consent:
    You have the flexibility to retract your consent to data processing anytime, which won’t impact the validity of prior processing.

    Right to Complain:
    You can register a complaint with a designated EU authority about the way we handle your Personal Data.

    It’s essential to understand that the above rights might have certain limitations based on EU or Member State legislation.

    We commit to promptly addressing your queries or requests within a month from when we receive them. If required, especially due to the complexity or the number of requests, we might extend this period by another two months. If this happens, we’ll communicate the reason within a month from the receipt of your initial request.

    Generally, we won’t charge for handling your requests unless they’re noticeably baseless or excessive. If that’s the case, we may impose a reasonable fee or decline the request.

    For authentication purposes, and to ensure data security, we might request additional details to confirm the identity of the individual initiating the request.

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