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Our Team

Get acquainted with the brilliant minds steering Quantum AI. Our team is dedicated to providing exceptional trading solutions for your market ventures. By blending innovation with deep sector wisdom, we guarantee the mentorship and tools you need to enhance your financial gains.

  • Gregory Sinclair


    Armed with a deep expertise in quantum computing and fintech, Gregory shapes our core mission and ensures we lead the pack in AI Trading. He stands out with his zeal for innovation and a dedication to nurturing a workspace that champions inventive solutions.

  • Sebastian Fraser


    A tech guru with a rich grasp of AI and quantum mechanics, Sebastian steers our technological trajectory, forging new paths and exploring the uncharted. He's a progressive thinker with a knack for transforming ambitious blueprints into tangible innovations.

  • Dominic Walsh

    VP of Engineering

    Dominic fuses his engineering acumen with insights from the financial sphere to turbocharge our platform's performance. At the helm of a talented brigade, he ensures that our tech foundation supports fast, safe, and seamless trading processes.

  • Adil Mirza

    Director of Marketing

    A maven in fintech marketing, Adil crafts and rolls out pioneering marketing tactics that boost our brand's footprint and resonate with a varied audience. He excels at demystifying intricate tech for both stakeholders and the everyday user.

  • Andrew Lim

    Senior Data Analyst

    Andrew employs his sharp analytical prowess to decipher trends from sprawling data oceans, sharpening our AI's foresight. His talent for reading market nuances and data shifts positions us at the vanguard of a fluid financial ecosystem.

  • Naomi Park

    AI Researcher

    Naomi's grounding in machine learning and quantum studies is pivotal in honing our trade algorithms. She's driven by the quest to uncover fresh methodologies that augment the precision and agility of our system.

  • Zara Mitchell

    AI Researcher

    Zara has a flair for channelling cutting-edge AI research into our trading interface. Her inventive stance ensures that our AI blueprints remain agile and potent, delivering a frictionless, top-notch trading journey for our clientele.

  • Jacob Turner

    AI Architect

    As the AI Architect, Jacob sketches the backbone of our AI operations, ensuring they exude scalability, robustness, and finesse. His intricate grasp of quantum tech and AI forms the bedrock of AI designs apt for high-intensity, swift trading.

  • Benjamin Taylor

    AI Developer

    Benjamin marries his comprehension of quantum mechanics with adept AI crafting skills to energize our platform with state-of-the-art functionalities. His dedication to code refinement ensures our framework operates with optimal slickness, capitalizing on quantum prowess.

Command the future of trading.

Quantum AI melds the strengths of artificial intelligence with the power of big data, offering a trading platform that places traders at the cutting edge of the market.

Don’t invest unless you’re prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment and you should not expect to be protected if something goes wrong.